A Sunday Post: Venturing Out With Mum


I have seen a lot of lovely things written on social media by people about their mother’s this Mother’s Day. There is always a worry about the narcissism that social media breeds (this blog possibly being a prime example) but to see so many expressions of plain and simple love and gratitude all over the feeds today has given me a bit of hope. I haven’t posted anything today because, well, my mum doesn’t use social media! I don’t get to see my mum very often because I live in a different country now, but she came to visit me yesterday, just for the day and we had Mother’s Day a day early. We had a great catch up lots of tea, an impromptu tour of the Mitchell Library, I treated her to a nice dinner and we also watched the Rugby (this just has to happen when we are together), but I’m from Ireland and I shall say no more about that particular black cloud!

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful, hilarious and kind mother who I am very close to, and I miss her, but that’s not something to dwell on here. Coming from a farming background, one thing that she has instilled in me is a love of the great outdoors and nature, so of course we took a long trek yesterday through Linn Park (which is like a mini national park with trails and everything!). It was lovely to be out in the fresh air chatting away and enjoying our surroundings and I am so glad that we had the good weather to enjoy it.

I actually made a surprise discovery yesterday. Because her flight was delayed I figured I’d just sit and get a coffee and read a magazine while I waited. I picked up a copy of Country Living which isn’t a magazine that I would normally buy, but figured that I could have a flick through and then give it to her to read on her flight home that evening. But I have to say, I loved it!

Sitting With my Coffee right in the heart of the city centre, readying up on Country Living
Sitting With my Coffee right in the heart of the city centre, readying up on Country Living

They have pieces about seasonal food and baking, simple crafts and just generally interesting stuff as well have having some beautiful photography which is rather inspiring for a girl with a new home. I did give it to her in the end but it’s another good resource for anyone looking for some clean living, healthy lifestyle and food inspiration!

Today has been a very relaxed affair. Our internet was installed on Friday (thank God!) so I am catching up on blogging in my little office which I love!

My desk
My desk
Very Pleased with my little space!
Very Pleased with my little space!

I’m going out for a 10k run this evening, just to run the distance more than anything so I want to get it in under an hour but that’s my only constraint really.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I will catch up with you during the week!

3 thoughts on “A Sunday Post: Venturing Out With Mum

  1. Holy crap! We have a lot in common! Those are snowdrops, right? And I am an avid feather collector. I have a huge bunch. Do you know what bird that feather is from? I have several and am not sure. I also LOVE running and have a SUPER small space. These might be superficial but I wanted to check out your blog. 🙂


    1. Hey, well glad to online-meet you! I think that its a woodpigeon feather because I saw it in the park where there are lots of them! That’s really cool that you collect them, are you quite a crafty person who displays them in frames and things? If so I envy you, I collect postcards but I can never make anything like that look good! But would definitely like get better at it. Well do you know what, running is awesome and so are teeny offices because they are cosy and private so we definitely have the right idea! Glad you dropped by for a read 🙂


      1. Glad to online meet you too ;-). Wood pigeon! Cool!! I live connected to an arboretum so I am thrilled to have a cool feather collection. I have them in a nice small glass box filled with lavender buds and I have them arranged in place using the lavender buds. Putting them in frames sounds cool but I don’t think I could do that talent wise. Take care and I’ll see you on your blog. 🙂 or vice versa.


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