Feeling Fine

Hello, and welcome to A Venturing Girl!

How are you feeling? It’s a question that we don’t often answer truthfully. Saying I’m fine is a simple and welcome answer to a question that is rarely has much intent behind it. If I’m honest, talking about how I feel is often the last thing that I want to do (to the relief of a lot of people I’m sure), let’s have a laugh or go out and do something instead! “Fine” is such a funny thing. Fine is light and bright, but also thin, narrow and fragile. So by it’s very definition your “fine” feeling is at a constant risk of damage. Yet we all manage to persistently feel fine and never drop over the edge into the “not so fine” zone, whatever that is, eh?

How have I been feeling? Honestly, I think I’ve been in a bit of a funk over the last while. Between bouts of sickness with some subsequent feeling sorry for myself, it’s been a bit of a bad patch. But this week, I just felt a difference. The sun was out, I had a restful weekend and I just felt more like me again! I realised that after being in a bit of a funk, I’m getting away from it. On Monday night I got my lunches and soup ready for the week, Tuesday saw some sneaky pints for St. Patrick’s day (full of Iron though!), Wednesday and Thursday I was out for a 4 and 3 mile run respectively with some sprint work on Thursday which was a great workout and challenge. I’ve been up earlier and enjoying more breakfasts on the brighter mornings and it’s making such a difference to my day! Plus Chris and I booked a long awaited trip to New York in September for which I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am!

So if you’ve been a little bit un-fine, maybe you’re a bit sick of it too but don’t want to moan too much. If it’s a run in the park, listening to something extremely cheesy, talking it all over with a friend you feel comfortable with or all or none of the above, I hope that this weekend you can get some “fine time” all to yourself to help break the funk. If you have been feeling like me over the past while and it takes a while for it to completely go away, don’t feel bad; believe me, it too shall pass.

Feeling more like me
Feeling more like me

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