Catch Up Time: Photo’s, Meditation and More


It’s good to be busy. I always find that the really exciting things happen when you are working toward something; you don’t have great experiences by sitting and waiting for things to come along!

Knowing that there are lots of things to do in a day and the potential for something spontaneous to happen is how I like things. I  just like to be busy. But having said that, I am rather prone to planning, thinking and often worrying to the extreme at times (read: all of the time).

Because I am involved in some exciting stuff at work it has been mental lately and on top of that my weekends have been fun but not what I would call relaxing!

Too Much

We all know that being on the go constantly, working overtime and not getting a break at the weekends can have a terrible effect on our health if we let it. On Sunday I went for a 5 mile run and when I got near home I stopped at the traffic lights and felt my vision start to get fuzzy. I was on a footpath so I stepped back, away from the traffic and crouched beside a hedge for a few minutes. When my vision came back I  gave myself a bit more time and a sip of water before I got up to walk the rest of the way home. That was not a nice experience. I was very close to a faint. Needless to say, I got home, got the blanket out and made a cup of sugary tea for myself.


No matter how busy we are, we all need to listen to our body sometimes. It doesn’t matter what your fitness aims are, if you are over doing it your amazing body is going to let you down. I like to exercise when I have a lot on my mind but this week I have decided to take a slightly different approach.

I have only been doing 30 Days of Yoga videos which isn’t what I would call easy, but is definitely lower intensity than a run and more appropriate after working long working hours. A wonderful girl I work with has suggested trying the meditation app Headspace. I have been using it everyday this week doing their “Take 1o” programme. The app offers you guided meditation and the Take 10 programme is free and perfect if you are a beginner like me. Plus the meditations are just 10 minutes which is great for people who are short on time (so about 98% of the population).

In Other News

Despite the minor hiccup on Sunday, it’s been a great last few weeks. I had a lovely housewarming and was really delighted that so many people took the time to come along and wish us well in our little flat. My lovely friend Eily’s visit was just full of messing and chats and love as usual. We went to the Science Centre and also to the Planetarium which is something I have wanted to do for ages!


Last week I went to see one of the best live bands I have ever seen for the second time – and a running playlist favorite – Nordic Giants.

I only got a photo of the support band Mountains Under Oceans who also brilliant in fairness. Look how cool the venue was!
I only got a photo of the support band Mountains Under Oceans who also brilliant in fairness. Look how cool the venue was!

At the weekend I went on a random camera tour of Glasgow City centre and took a bunch of pictures with Chris. My brother and his girlfriend are visiting at the weekend so it will be a full house for me again and I cannot wait!

Smile! You’re Under a Bridge!
Clock Window
The Window of Time
Water Colour

DSC_0132 DSC_0204



Thank you for reading!

If you have you got any stress busting tips for me or meditation recommendations do leave a comment 🙂

2 thoughts on “Catch Up Time: Photo’s, Meditation and More

  1. I’m excited to try Headspace now 😁 thanks! Looks like you’ve had a pretty great coupe of weeks ☺


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