Caffeine Free Girl


Throughout the course of my little blogging journey I’ve been trying to make positive changes everywhere I can. But, as we all know, even for the most open of us, change can be bloody hard! Experts will tell you that behavioral change is the most difficult because habits become ingrained into our routines and therefore our lives. That’s why smokers find it so hard to kick the habit, why you’re waking up at 6 am on a Saturday instead of lying in while you have the day off and probably why 9 times out of ten you did lock the door when you left the house even if you can’t remember doing it. Behaviors, people! So change is hard, and it’s not because you’re not up for it, it’s just that you’re battling a consistent behavioral pattern that your mind has gotten used to and doesn’t see a reason to do anything differently because it likes its little routine.

Just about one month ago, I made a bit of a biggie (for me anyway). I cut high doses caffeine out of my diet. Coffee, Coke, Tea (inwardly wails) are gone.

Caffeine and Me

Why you ask? Well, I’m a slight girl with a fast metabolism and I have found that while caffeine can definitely give me an energy boost, the negative effects greatly outweigh the positives for me. I get energy spikes and then massive troughs (which makes me need a boost through food, often sugar) and it has a really bad effect on my sleep. Over the last while I have been noticing that it makes my heart absolutely race which, again just doesn’t sound very good. I’m not a girl to do things by halves and I have been down the “cutting down” road before so I made the decision to just get it out.

I love a cup of coffee. I am the girl juggling a take away Starbucks or Glasgow favorite Gordon St. Coffee cup with my phone and bag while stalking about town. Tea is my go-to comfort drink. I feel like I actually need it when I’ve had a tough day or open a book. There are just so many situations when it’s the most appropriate drink going. Basically, the last month has been very tough. But as anyone who has ever made a decision and stuck to it knows well, it has also been really, really rewarding.

How I managed it:

For the first 10 days I was very tired. Specifically at work which is where I tend to need the pick me up most – I have written a post on staying healthy at work here if you are like me and would like some tips. But I realised that if I was going to make this change, that I would need to really commit to it. So I started going to bed a bit earlier. I started to make sure that I was more hydrated at work – even going so far as keeping a 2 litre bottle of Evian at my desk! Soon, I was finding that my energy levels we actually increasing and (oh joy of joys) my skin started looking much, much healthier!  It can be very difficult to break a habit and make a change and the thing about changes to your lifestyle is that they require a consistent effort. But the reward has been so great and I am so proud of myself for sticking to it!

If you are interested in cutting out caffeine, I hope that this post has shown that it can be done. Here is a link to caffeine content in various drinks from The Guardian which was a bit of an eye opener for me.

Have you ever given up something and reaped the benefits? Leave a comment below, we can encourage each other!

I miss tea but here are some of the substitutes I’ve been using from left to right: Earl Grey from Whittard (sparingly), Lemongrass and Green Tea from WholeFoods, Mountain Honeybush Tea also from Wholefoods and Arctic Storm Tea (a mix of green tea with chilli and other delicious things) which I bought in the Greenwich Market in London and utterly love!
Water has been my go-to lately which may explain the slightly more glowey skin I have been experiencing!
Boiled water with lemon and/or Lemon and ginger is another delicious and cleansing hot drink. Also…look at the size of that lemon!!

9 thoughts on “Caffeine Free Girl

  1. Caffeine & sugar used to be my addiction, which is tough because it’s such an ingrained part of daily culture. Tea, coffee, cake, biscuits…but one day I just had enough of my heart racing so fast before I went to bed.

    I did replace the habit with water, even just drinking plain hot water, which my skin thanks me for everyday! Sugar is a bit trickier for me, but I have reduced my consumption dramatically and surprisingly lost some weight in the process!

    Good luck! It does eventually get easier!

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    1. I drink hot water now too! I really like it even though some people think it’s strange! Okay it makes me feel a lot better that not only did you manage to give up caffeine but you reduced sugar too! I am hoping that the caffeine free thing snowballs into less sugar too and it makes me feel better that someone else has managed it. Thank you for the luck and the encouragement, well done on sticking with it!

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  2. Firstly, I absolutely love your blog, and secondly, I’ve been trying to give up caffeine too, but there are Starbucks franchises everywhere, and every once in a while, I simply cannot resist a Frappuccino!


  3. Thanks Sadia! Your blog is simple and beautiful. I particularly admire how you can be so creative with a short paragraph, it shows an excellent command of language, you are a writer! Pfft tell me about it every time I smell coffee I miss it terribly! But to be honest, as long as you are sticking with it I don’t see the problem with treating yourself once in a while 😉


  4. I’d recommend Rooibos (or Redbush) tea! You can have it either with or without milk, so for me it satisfies my inner Brit because I still get to have that comforting texture of milky tea. I actually started drinking it because of an iron deficiency, it turns out that the tannin stain in tea reduces iron absorption but it’s not present in Rooibos! So it’s got double benefits! I find that the quality really varies by brand though, I personally really like the Redbush Tea Company. Good luck 🙂


  5. I have the same problem (skinny, high metabolism, low blood sugar spikes) and I never thought to cut caffeine out totally like that. Sounds like it was helpful too you- I might just try it!


    1. Hey Jen, thanks for dropping by! It varys from person to person but for me I’m still caffeine free and honestly my energy levels and sleep are SO much better since I’ve cut it out. It’s a big ask but even cutting down might cause you to see a difference. If you do decide to give it a try let me know how you get on 🙂


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