Little Things: Staying Healthy on a Busy Week

Is it just me or does there seem to be so much going on after holiday lull that no one was ready for? There was the public outpouring of sorrow and reminiscences following the deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Tim Peake’s space walk again capturing our imagination. And, at least in my own circles the engrossing, maddening and at times heartwarming viewing that is the Making a Murderer documentary series on Netflix. Yep,it’s been an emotional roller coaster of a week – and that was just on the telly!

I saw this in a Facebook comment and had to share – hands up if this was you after watching Making a Murderer!

Work has been fairly intense with a lot of early starts plus my boyfriend’s band played their final gig together on Thursday night. It was a great set and there was a really positive vibe with everyone there. But it did go on quite late. Having to do a presentation first thing the next day wasn’t exactly ideal but I got through it and am really glad I was there to watch the guys the night before. Needless to say though, I was ready to chill out come 4:30pm on Friday!

I’ve found this week that it’s been the little things that have gotten me through healthwise. Monday night saw me go on a bit of a YouTube binge and watch a bunch of Madeline Shaw videos. I’d read her book before Christmas which I’d mentioned in an earlier post. I wouldn’t say that I was all that gone on her entire diet plan but the quick tips and ideas she offers are really useful. For example I’ve been taking her advice and hydrating first thing in the morning with water and salt and giving myself a bedtime routine (hand cream massages are a total winner). Plus I just like her style in general. Her enthusiasm about coconut oil is just heart warming and I like that she doesn’t mind that her kitchen table is a little messy when she’s doing a cookery tutorial. Because we can’t all have those blindingly white kitchens – even if she does have a very farm chic Aga – I feel that Madeline emanates a chilled and accepting vibe which I’m very much in favour of.

Money is always so tight in January and health conscious food can be on the pricey side. I found that stocking up on plenty of fresh fruit throughout the week has been a way of giving myself a boost in the snack/breakfast department without making an impact on my bank balance! Buying a big bag of kale and mixing it up with fresh orange juice and lemons or blending a delicious apple and pear with some cinnamon and honey have made for simple but effective ways of getting nutrients into my diet when I’m just in the door after a busy day.

I went on a slow paced 3.5 mile night run on Tuesday and then a 2 hour walk in the glorious snow on Saturday afternoon. How good is snow?! It was like stepping into Narnia! Everyone in my area were out on sledges and Chris and I had a constant snowball fight the whole time we were out. Not my best week for exercise but with a gym class planned for today that’s 3 solid workouts of varying degrees which I’m pretty happy with.

It’s a Winter Wonderland here in Glasgow


So pleased!
After any snow day or cold weather in general, a Madeline inspired non dairy (oat milk in my case) cinnamon hot cocoa is definitely a good shout!

Thinking about the little things like getting the fruit and veg in, staying hydrated and getting outdoors have kept me in good form all week – in spite of some late nights and an aforementioned compulsive tv documentary which had me shouting at the television more than usual!

Have you been shouting at any appliances this week? Do you have any tips for running in the snow? Because I think it’s here to stay!





10 thoughts on “Little Things: Staying Healthy on a Busy Week

  1. I totally need to try the cinnamon hot cocoa (I actually have oat milk! Woop!) … And while I haven’t shouted at any appliances, I have begged the photocopier at work to actually do it’s job. It didn’t. It just spewed paper at me in defiance! Nice huh?


    1. Haha any of the photocopiers I come across tend to have serious attitude problems so I’m totally with you there! Oh yay, I thought I was the only person who actually kind of liked oat milk! Let me know what you think 😊 thanks for dropping by!


  2. I’m constantly yelling at appliances, but not this week 😉 Although, I haven’t made my celery soup yet so I’m bound to yell at my food processor in the next few days 😀


    1. Thanks girl! Sadly the snow has now completely left but it was truly amazing while it lasted. Canada is actually somewhere I really want to visit next year it looks beautiful. Always a pleasure to see you on the blog 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not to sound like a crazy person, but if you make it here, please let me know. I would be happy to take you around. I’m an hour away from Toronto and the city I live in actually reminds me of Glasgow.


      2. Good because I would be happy to help you figure out where to go as well. Canada is huge. It takes one week to cross from the coast to coast! I have been to Glasgow. I got married in Edinburgh and I went on my honeymoon in Ireland! We’re hoping to come back to Scotland for our 10 year anniversary which is in 2018! We both love Scotland and Ireland!


      3. Oh wow I had no idea! Aw I love that, I can’t believe the connection there. Edinburgh would be so romantic for a wedding too I hope you do come back, and likewise, I know it’s far off but I’d be happy to take you around when you’re here!

        Liked by 1 person

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